Alice Sidhu | CEO of By The Way Group

Alice Sidhu is a business transformation expert, digital authority and advisory board member working with organisations to improve their operations, drive their innovation agenda, and find new ways to grow. Her diverse industry experience includes retail, telecommunications, IT, mining and public sector.

Having held senior global roles in many multi-national organisations as well as leading complex initiatives across the Asia Pacific has given Alice a unique insight into how organisational ecosystems operate and how they need to evolve for what’s coming. Working on digital solutions before we were even calling them that, Alice navigates through the ‘cool’ to contextualise digital, the potential of AI, and why Blockchain is so much more than Bitcoin. 

Alice is CEO of BY THE WAY GROUP, the digital publishing company behind the Leadership of Fools podcast, one of the Founders of RGT advising organisations on digital, an Associate with Melbourne Business School, and a Director of LIVLAB, a start up defining a new generation of health. 


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