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With Millennials set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, GenZ now entering the workforce and Millennial turnover alone already costing upwards of $30billion per annum, organisations need to adapt to the new ways of working in order to remain relevant to their nextgen employees. 

Aligned Tribe is dedicated to helping organisations to unlock the untapped potential of their younger workforce. Working on both sides of the coin with Executive teams and emerging young leaders at an advisory, coaching or training level, organisations gain the insight, capabilities and strategies needed to effectively attract, engage and retain their nextgen leaders to create a serious competitive advantage and sustainable multi-generational workforce for the future.  

Hint: It’s about more than just watching a Simon Sinek video or providing free beer and a ping pong table. 😉

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Amy Smith is the Founder and Director of Aligned Tribe which specialises in helping organisations and individuals to future proof themselves in the rapidly changing world or work.  

After starting her first business at the young age of 12, by age 23 Amy was working across Canada, Australia and the UK helping organisations of all sizes to optimize their people strategies. Amy is a Millennial workforce specialist and consults to organisations to help ‘bridge the generation gap’ to effectively attract, engage and retain their up and coming Millennial and Generation Z leaders. 

She’s worked ‘behind the scenes’ supporting former CEOs of companies circa $5Mil-$100Mil+ to grow their own portfolio careers within the executive coaching/business mentoring space and is a member of the Directors Institute Next Generation Board of Directors. 

Amy’s worked with brands such as HSBC, Open Colleges, YMCA and the Executive Connection, is a mentor at UNSW through the Real Skills Education program and USYD Work and Organisation Studies society and regularly appears on podcasts and in the media as a thought leader covering topics such as building sustainable multigenerational workforces for the future, creating an authentic personal brand and LinkedIn strategy as well as sharing her ‘non- traditional’ career advice. 

Amy also supports a rapidly growing online community of young professionals, helping them to fast track their career development through her coaching and online Career Accelerator program. When she’s not working, you will find her on the ski slopes when there’s even a glimpse of snow and enjoying some smashed avocado on toast with friends at brunch on the weekend, like a typical Millennial. 


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