Eitan Bienstock | Founder of Techbench Capital


Techbench Capital benchmarks technologies between innovation ecosystems by sharing knowledge, investments and market opportunities. We focus on Israeli innovation connecting investors, corporates and startups.

We apply our in depth experience and knowledge of Israel and Australia’s technology sectors and cultural contexts to help investors, corporates and startups join together to forge successful partnerships.

Together with our partners we conduct technology scouting, corporate challenges and executive education programs helping our clients discover the next innovation bringing successful financial and strategic returns.


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Entrepreneur, investor and startup mentor, Eitan’s experience spans 25 years working for Fortune 100 companies, venture capital firms and founding a couple of startups in Israel, the US and Australia.

Eitan is highly active in both the Israeli and the Australian innovation ecosystems. He founded Everything IoT in 2015 with the mission to give focus and enable the development of innovations that connect the physical and digital worlds.

More recently Eitan founded Techbench Capital sharing knowledge, investments and market opportunities between the two countries. Eitan is a Non-executive Director of the Spark Festival, Australia’s largest gathering of startups, innovators and entrepreneurs.

During the late 90’s Eitan was responsible for the development of Intel Israel’s incubator program, which resulted in over USD100M increase in sales for supported companies in the first 3 years of the program and included a successful listing on NASDAQ of (NVMI). He received the prestigious ‘Intel Achievement Award’


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