Fiona Anson | Co-Founder and Co-CEO JobGetter


Globally, Skills Gap is increasing.

Everyone knows there’s a skills gap crisis but no one's identifying what the gaps are fast enough to meet demand — that is, until JobGetter introduced the world's first, real-time Skills Gap identification and solution.

Using AI to enable IA - Infinite Adaptation - JobGetter works to keep people employed by helping them understand and adapt to a job market that is evolving at breakneck speed.

Recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading innovators in HR Technology, JobGetter uses unique AI algorithms based on 6 years of deep research to automatically identify skills gaps and provide insights and direction directly to job seekers and those who work with them.

Free to job seekers and SMEs, the JobGetter technology comprises a dynamic job marketplace with advanced applicant tracking features to take the hard work out of hiring.

Working with Government, Industry, Education and communities, JobGetter helps to anticipate labour demand, lift employment rates and solve skills gap through platform licensing and access to real-time workforce analytics available by subscription or bespoke projects.

Solving the challenges people face getting into the workforce requires collaboration and collaboration is at the heart of what JobGetter does.

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Fiona Anson is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of JobGetter - a workforce data and analytics platform that measures the changing needs for skills that get people in, and keep people out, of work.

Fiona is a leading commentator on the workforce's changing skills demand and skills gaps and consults to Education, Industry, Government and Communities as to what’s happening in the world of work, the changing future of work and what is needed to get and keep people in jobs.

Spearheading the annual national initiative, The Jobs Agenda, Fiona is a thought leader and influencer, leading the conversation around jobs, careers, education and the workforce of the future. .

Fiona is a mentor at the University of Technology, Sydney, through their entrepreneurs Hatchery+ programme, and an industry partner for their Bachelor of Technology and Innovation undergraduate degree as well as sitting on the Advisory Board for UTS's Advanced MBA program. Fiona has been a mentor and judge at TiE Women’s Create-a-thon and a teacher of commercialising business ideas and creating partnerships at General Assembly.


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