Glenn Campbell | Executive Director & CEO at DeakinCo.


Employing reskilling and upskilling strategies are critical to finding and retaining the talent you need, with the added advantage of engaging in socially responsible approaches to the future of work (WEF).

How do you fill the gaps in your workforce planning and improve employee engagement and retention at the same time?

Perhaps we can help…

DeakinCo. exists to equip workforces with the skills recognition required  to succeed both now and into the future. Partnering with DeakinCo. in the assessment of your workforce capabilities enables you to both recognise and retain great talent through the use of a suite of Professional Practice credentials that are powered by Deakin University.



Glenn Campbell is the Executive Director and CEO at DeakinCo. and has worked within the government and education industry as a senior executive, internal consultant and change agent, including operating his own management advisory business. He uses his skills and knowledge pragmatically to improve businesses, positioning them for better performance.

His experience includes a primary focus on strategy, public policy, change leadership, stakeholder relations, product development, service delivery, governance and people and culture. His time in senior leadership roles has brought wider exposure internationally across the Asia-Pacific region particularly New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan and India.

Glenn has held various board appointments related to his work, most notably in public policy (OECD, APO) and education (ANU, U.Can). Glenn currently serves as a Non-Executive Director of the Victorian Government’s Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group, and is an Executive Director of Deakin University’s UniLink Pty Ltd.