Larry Quick | Founder and Managing Director of Resilient Futures


In a world where change is the only certainty, making disruption work for you is your only viable option.

Resilient Futures supports organisations, their leaders and people to move from uncertainty and inaction to a state in which change is embraced. We do this by embedding the capabilities, skills, mindset, tools and frameworks to enable you to quickly pivot in the face of change and leverage disruption. This builds an agile and dynamic organisation and empowers a culture that drives the ongoing generation of sustainable value – in the face of whatever disruption comes your way.


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Larry is a strategist, author, researcher and speaker with over 40-years of global experience in the corporate and civic sectors specialising in disruption.

He is the founder of Resilient Futures and co-author of "Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change", "The Disruption Readiness test" and his latest book "Do or Die Disruption" is due out in June.

Larry has led countless strategic programs in Australia and the USA with industry, government and the civic sector that draw upon his expertise in corporate and civic strategy, innovation, economic development and technology strategy.

His recent speaking engagements include the Global Innovation and Leadership Summit in Silicon Valley, CSIRO AIM Melbourne, Innovation Places in Connecticut, USA and the Digital AI Summit in Melbourne.

He is a cancer survivor and is “committed to squeezing every ounce out of life that this great world can bring”.


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