Liv Pennie | CEO & Co Founder of BECOME

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BECOME is transforming careers education for young people.

The new world of work means there's more freedom and opportunity to design a life and career as unique as you are. The traditional model of a one-off decision, late in high school is too little, too late. BECOME teaches students to explore, design and navigate their future ongoing. Critical skills not to survive but to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

The learning resources and student web app make it easy for schools to deliver this best practice.

BECOME launched in 2017 and is live in schools across Australia, UK and in the US.

The Australian start up is proudly supported by the Dept of Industry Innovation and Science and a partner of iOnTheFuture. The BECOME.ME student web app was also recognised in the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards in 2019.

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Liv founded BECOME in 2017 to transform careers education for young people. The swift uptake of the platform by schools both in Australia and the UK led to her being named in The Educator Hot List in 2018.

 She holds an MA in Psychology and a Postgrad in Education & Career Development. She also spent 18 years leading teams and developing innovative digital products at some of the most creative agencies around the world such as TBWA and M&C Saatchi. 

 Liv combines those worlds of academia and innovation in her role as CEO & Co Founder of BECOME.

She has also been a Board Director of SchoolAid for 5 years.


Twitter: @OliviaPennie


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