Liz Jakubowski | Director and Founder, RIBIT.NET


Ribit is a platform out of CSIRO’s Data61 which algorithmically matches innovative small businesses to tertiary students for entry level roles and internships in key ‘skill-shortage’ areas – particularly tech and digital skills.

As well as being an online marketplace platform, Ribit introduces students to innovative businesses from growing or transforming areas of economic activity through ‘speed networking’ events for meaningful, career-building roles.

The platform also collects data on innovative companies, and starting to provide insights around new skills shortages and demand.

Ribit now has 30,000 students from 40 universities and 2,500 of Australia’s most innovative companies, and is establishing partnerships with a range of educational and industry participants.


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Liz is a senior leader in technology at the CSIRO Data61, and the Director and Founder of the Ribit platform (

Ribit is an online marketplace which matches innovative companies and startups to post-secondary students with digital and STEM skills for part-time roles, internships and projects.

Liz has held senior executive roles at NICTA and public sector agencies. She is currently also an adviser to Swinburne's Centre for New Workforce (CNeW), The Studio (Creative media hub), the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) and the Spark Festival. 

In an increasingly disrupted world of work, Liz focusses on helping students develop the right skills and attributes and through Ribit connects them to innovative businesses - to strengthen Australia's innovation ecosystem, create new jobs and grow the economy.


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