Michelle Loader | Director, Fisher Leadership


Michelle Loader is leading the diversification strategy at Fisher Leadership.

The way people want to connect to work is changing. The way people need to work is changing faster.

Fisher Leadership is solving for the work challenges of the future. For nearly two decades we have been arming organisations with cognitively diverse decision-makers for a changing world of work. The need for humans to perform beyond past expectations, creating value from their own their unique skills, experience and capacity to learn, is evolving.  In parallel, organisations are connecting to executive talent, evaluating leadership capacity and valuing diversity of thought in new ways. At Fisher Leadership, we shape your leadership mix to synthesise strategies, skillsets and mindsets to ensure the cognitive health of your organisation. Whether sourcing for sustained leadership or collaborating on agile work solutions, Fisher Leadership puts humans at the centre of every challenge, and human workplace challenges at the centre of our business.


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Michelle is a leader with an endless curiosity to ask ‘why?’ She follows this up with the strategic know-how, energy and passion to transform people, projects and organisations. As an executive with an extensive history leading change in both large and small organisations, Michelle believes in the idea of ‘life-giving workplaces’ and views rapid disruption as a gifted opportunity to challenge old paradigms, inefficient processes and outdated ideas of culture.

With broad Senior Executive and CEO experience in service-based businesses across many sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Michelle understands results-driven leadership, and is known for driving outcomes alongside a sense of purpose and play. Having held board roles in seven countries, Michelle’s versatility has been demonstrated as an Owner, Director and CEO whilst mentoring and coaching emerging leaders. Michelle has successfully led diverse teams of thousands through significant change programs, leveraging an ability to quickly develop and execute strategy to drive transformation whilst delivering operational excellence.

Having graduated from the Harvard Business School Global CEO Advanced Management Program, she is a former Telstra Business Woman and founding director on the Australian board for the International Women's Forum, as well as an ambassador for the global movement jargonfreefridays.com.


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