Mike Carden | Founder of Joyous


Joyous is a feedback tool for large employers of non-office-based staff. Retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction... Because real workers are not only in offices. They’re on the shop floor, on worksites, or rushing between tables. Joyous is designed to stimulate feedback from your frontline staff and help your people leaders manage a diverse and dispersed workforce.



Mike is the Founder of Joyous - the feedback tool for large employers of non-desk staff.

Some history. In 2006 Mike founded Sonar6 under the moniker: At last, performance reviews that don't suck. In 2012 Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) acquired Sonar6 where Mike joined the leadership team. He chaired Promapp until it's acquisition by Nintex. He chairs Asknicely.

Mike is a winner of the Writemark Plain English Award and the Bayer Innovators Award. He has crashed a plane into the sea.