Mike Tozer | Founder & CEO of Xceptional

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Xceptional is a multi-award-winning technology platform that connects autistic adults to companies that need tech talent. We allow job seekers to demonstrate rather than articulate their strengths through activity-based assessments.

We harness the unique talents of people with autism such as enhanced pattern recognition, sustained concentration and precision and apply those skills to business technological challenges. Our services are designed to help businesses build, support and benefit from neurodiverse teams and workplaces. Most importantly our employees with autism think and see the world differently. They are what make us remarkable.


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Mike is the founder & CEO of Xceptional, a multi-award-winning technology firm that harnesses the unique strengths of people on the autism spectrum. Mike has been featured on ABC’s Employable Me, spoken at the CAST Association for Software Testing conference, TEDx Hong Kong and advised companies across the banking and tech sectors. 

Equipped with studies in physics and computing at Oxford and public policy at Harvard, Mike has spent his career at the intersection between innovation, social impact and systems change. For 12 years, he worked in agile software teams in Hong Kong. His team built international systems to connect multinational corporations with nonprofits and 25 United Nations organisations.  

Mike and Xceptional have been recognised by a number of awards, including Westpac Business of Tomorrow, Optus Future Makers and the AMP Tomorrow Fund. Recently, Xceptional won the Google.org Impact Challenge of $1 million for their autism-friendly app, with the aim of impacting thousands of job seekers with autism. 

In his spare time, Mike is an elite runner with Team Brooks and has the world record for the fastest half marathon in a business suit.


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