Sally Browner | General Manager, Coder Academy


Coder Academy's mission is to promote equality and drive innovation via kick-@$$ technology training. Known for operating Australia’s only accredited Coding & Cyber Security Bootcamps, amongst many other high quality technology & STEM training options for people of all ages, Coder Academy provides a unique, innovative, and industry-driven educational experience.Through a variety of programs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Coder Academy equips Australians with the in-demand coding and technology skills they'll need to tackle the future of work.

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Sally Browner is a former corporate executive turned passionate high school teacher turned technology education enthusiast. She was appointed as General Manager of Coder Academy just 2 years ago.

Sally believes that the people who control technology will control the future, and she is passionate about ensuring that this group of people is as diverse as possible. She is a reformed Luddite with a desire to keep learning and inspire others to do the same. Sally was a finalist in the 2018 Women's Agenda Emerging Leader in Tech Award and a finalist in the Telstra Business Women of the Year Awards for 2018/19.


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