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‘The world is changing, faster than we think’

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Insights from the frontline on the impact of automation, augmentation and addition. In an era where the convergence of multiple factors is driving to the exponential acceleration of change, it is time for all organisations (and their people) to get real and take responsibility for ensuring that disruption is a tailwind of opportunity rather than a headwind of risk.


‘Today's problems, yesterday's toolkit, the creeping crisis for effectiveness’


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Commissioned by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, it builds on interviews with almost 400 public servants - most of them Australians. Noveck and Glover will discuss the “creeping crisis” of effectiveness and legitimacy the Australian public service is facing. Blunt public sector management tools, including hiring freezes, efficiency dividends, and funding cuts that hobble innovative or experimental initiatives, are creating what interviewees for this study describe as a creeping crisis for the public sector. To reverse this trend, they say the government must ensure public servants have a “ 21st century toolkit” to solve public problems. They point to the private sector’s “use of creative problem-solving methods, enabled by new technologies” as examples to follow.


The Bionic Future – Powered by AI, Enabled by humans

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A recent Harvard Business School and BCG study across 11 countries, found that business leaders feel anxious as they struggle to marshal and mobilize the workforce of tomorrow, but workers seem to be more adaptive and optimistic about the future than their leaders recognize. The conventional wisdom, of course, is that workers fear that technology will make their jobs obsolete. However, our survey revealed that a majority of the workers felt that advances such as automation and artificial intelligence would have a positive impact on their future, but they want more support and guidance to prepare themselves for future employment than management are currently providing. Question is, what can employers really do to help?


‘Deconstructing the future of work – distilling the hype to create meaningful impact for your organisation’

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Every day we see something around the Future of Work, the 4th Industrial Revolution or “The Robots are coming!!!” Whilst understanding external trends and the emergence of technology as a driver for both organisational strategy and workforce change is critical, organisations often get caught in the hype. Without looking at these trends within their own context, organisations have a high risk of misplaced effort and investment in the wrong workforce initiatives.

Alicia and Chris will share insights into how organisations can successfully apply the principles of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) to align your workforce to meet the needs of future of work, including:

  • How to determine the skills and capabilities your organisation needs for the future
  • How technology such as AI, Robotics and ML are enablers for the workforce, not replacements
  • How the ability to model workforce needs is critical for executive alignment and accelerates action around the workforce
  • Why planning is required to address trends like the gig economy and freelancers
  • What happens when organisations are not proactively planning around their workforce
  • Why it is the social responsibility of employers to undertake SWP


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Navigating Careers in the Future of Work

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In the debate around the skills for the future of work there is one skill set that rarely gets a mention and yet it will be essential to all of us. It is likely that each of us we will have multiple careers in our working lives and the way we engage with organisations for work and the way organisations engage with us will be radically different. During this session we will explore: What are the skills that you need to survive in an unknown future. Why managing your career should become a practised skill that everyone learns And why smart organisations should teach their employees to manage their careers


Where’s the talent?


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There is plenty of talent in Australia. It's just not skilled in those areas the country needs to transform business to comepte in the new economy, to scale business globally and to start new digital companies. Or is it?


The Evolution of Employee Computing


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From punch cards to green screens, desktops and now digital workspaces. The technology used by employees continues to evolve. While new technology provides benefits to IT departments and businesses, allowing them to adapt to changing markets and drive greater efficiencies, often the impact to employees is not considered. With unemployment rates at record lows there is a war on talent. Attracting and retaining employees is critical and this can only be done by delivering an exceptional employee experience. In this session, hear about the evolution of employee computing, the increased complexity in today’s IT environments and how Citrix is focusing on simplifying the way technology is used in the workplace boosting productivity and empowering employees. Citrix has been helping employees work from anywhere for over 30 years and we leverage this knowledge and experience to create workspaces that deliver engaging employee experiences that enable people to work from anywhere and any device. Power to the people!!




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Is it time for the machines? Unlocking the future of People Operations


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The presentation covers the emergence of a new AI category of solutions which unlocks people operations for the Future Enterprise. The shift of the enterprise from the old world to the new world. From a very functional organisation to an organisation which is based upon teamwork, adaptability, initiative and grit. Silicon Valley tech startups are now shifting towards data driven hiring. How to consistently interview candidates and use this information to inform the hiring process. We will cover how major use cases where AI impacts the way we manage the organisation: Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Culture and Moneyball. Curious Thing is the leader in Conversational Learning and redefines People Operations through AI.



Writing the new rules


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The emergence of the new economy is moving at pace. With it comes the redefinition of what it means to operate in established sectors. We will be examining what the future holds in the fintech, IoT and deeptech sectors.


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Finding your purpose - and helping others find theirs


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