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Showcasing industry-leading keynote speakers, thought-provoking panels and demonstrations on the future of work TODAY! Don’t miss this incredible lineup!

Interactive Space

You can join our amazing partners during, registration, morning tea and lunch to experience our interactive space, networking stage, live demos, mind gym , VR, AR, robots and more!


We’re excited to let you know that as part of this year’s Summit we’re again partnering with Resilient Futures to explore our readiness to leverage disruption by asking all ticket holders to complete a brief, confidential online diagnostic.

This 15-minute diagnostic will provide critical insight into the key issues organisation’s need to address to ensure they are ready to leverage disruption with a particular focus on specific disruptors and implications for your organisational capability, resources, people and culture!

Secure your ticket to get the insights!


Network with other attendees in the interactive space and enjoy an early morning coffee, morning tea, lunch and your very own barista at the DeakinCo. coffee cart!


Changing the way we work and live, finding purpose - Hear from Think group ‘ How can I improve my peak performance’ - Wellteq ‘ Personalised employee engagement for risk mitigation’ - Joyous + Airtree, ‘Inclusive Cultures and Employee feedback - the link’, and Code Club!

Goat VR

Goat VR provides the greatest multi-sensory experience and entertainment through the use of 9D virtual reality. Travel through Space, ride a thrilling roller coaster, ride a magical flying dragon or play in a fun video game by simply visiting one our advanced simulators.

Goat VR racing gives you the chance to test your skill racing a variety of cars in virtual reality at various tracks around the World.    

There is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Experience the future and ride the GOAT!

NETWORKING Opportunities

We have extended networking opportunities and first-hand access to expert companies! Join us for an hour an a half at lunch and be immersed in our interactive space!

Mind Gym

Stan Rodski is a highly respected scientist and authority on how best to deal with brain performance in high stress situations using innovative brain management techniques including the “Thinkgroup Neuropod”, Experience the mind gym at the interactive space!

Your peak performance - Energy Level Test

We are excited to have Dr Stan Rodski neuroscientist, speaking and demonstrating the latest neuro pod technologies in our Interactive space.

We are delighted to offer exclusively to our delegates a free “Energy Level” test that allows you to baseline your current performance and most importantly how our energy systems interact with the brain to achieve balance before launching into optimal states. You will receive your results automatically after completion.

Ready to achieve peak performance?


Capability Beyond Disruption: From Chaos to Competency is a workshop that will challenge you to face-up to the realities of emerging conditions, take responsibility for being strategic in that context and start the journey toward organisational transformation and talent transition to leverage the disruption that is shaping the realities of the future of work.

As a participant in this 90-minute interactive workshop facilitated by Resilient Futures’ Larry Quick and David Platt you will:

  1. Be presented with data that highlights the current disruption readiness of your organisation as compared to an overall view of all Summit attendees.

  2. Use the data to align on key emergent conditions, opportunities and risks for your organisation and its people.

  3. Work with practical concepts and tools - like the Capability Matrix, Conscious-Competency  Check and Capability Mapping - that will enable you to dive deep into your organisation’s future capability requirements.

  4. Commence the development of a roadmap focussed on continuously investing in the right capability to take advantage of opportunity and mitigate risk within ongoing disruption.


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